Rosé d'Alsace 2021

Perfect terrace wine!


The vintage
The 2021 growing season was full of surprises! Our patience was tested over numerous periods of extremely cool temperatures, heavy rains, and a very hot late summer. These ups and downs required perseverance and keen observation to harvest at the perfect moment for each varietal and terroir. Our efforts were rewarded as the low grape yields developed into complex wines with extremely elegant acidities. The 2021 vintage is one to follow closely!
calcareous clay soil
Harvested at perfect ripeness, our destemmed Pinot Noir grapes are cold macerated briefly. As with our white wines, we keep only the heart of each press to preserve the fruity aromas. The fermentation continues in stainless steel tanks until bottling in the Springtime.
Pinot Noir : 100%
Alcohol content : 13 ABV
Residual Sugar : 4.5 g/l
pH : 3.5
Tartaric acidity : 5.9 g/l
AB Agriculture Biologique Certifié par FR-BIO-01 Agriculture France


A fresh, young wine meant to be consumed this Spring and Summer, but can be kept for 2 years. Keep horizontally at an ambient temperature between 10-15°C, out of direct sunlight. Drink slightly chilled, between 8-10° C.
A very fresh wine with red berries notes. Perfect from aperitif to desert.