Pinot Blanc Tradition 2021

The chameleon. An easy-drinking wine that adapts to all types of dishes.


The vintage
The 2021 growing season was full of surprises! Our patience was tested over numerous periods of extremely cool temperatures, heavy rains, and a very hot late summer. These ups and downs required perseverance and keen observation to harvest at the perfect moment for each varietal and terroir. Our efforts were rewarded as the low grape yields developed into complex wines with extremely elegant acidities. The 2021 vintage is one to follow closely!
Essentially calcareous clay
In the vineyard
Auxerrois : 70%
Pinot blanc : 30%
Alcohol content : 13.5 % ABV
Residual Sugar : 1.6 g/l
pH : 3.4
Tartaric acidity : 5.5 g/l
Contains sulphites.
AB Agriculture Biologique Certifié par FR-BIO-01 Agriculture France


Keep on its side between 10-15°C. The ideal serving temperature is between 8-10°C.
Ageing potential
3 to 5 years
Lovely Pinot Blanc with white flower notes. The palate shows crisp grapefruit flavors. Perfect with cold or warm buffets, quiches, and goat cheese.

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